Circulation Limits

  1. First time borrowers are limited and may check out up to 5 library items.  Once their account is considered in good standing (account holder demonstrating responsibility for checking out and returning items in accordance with library policy and carries no monetary fines) they may check out the maximum number of items listed below.

  2. As long as a patron’s card is in good standing the following limits shall be placed on specific library materials:


Physical Media:


1.   Books/Magazines                                50        Per Customer for 21 days

2.   CDs/Audiobooks/Playaways/Vox       5        Per Customer for 21 days

3.   DVDs                                                     10        Per Customer for 14 days

          Only 3 of which can be multidisc (ie. TV series)

4.   Nook Glows                                            1        Per Adult for 21 days

5.   Launchpads                                            1        Per Card for 21 days

6.   View                                                         1        Per Card for 21 Days

7.   External Speaker                                    1        Per Card for 21 days

8.   Video Games                                          2        Per Card for 14 days




                 Wii U

                 Xbox 360

                 Xbox One

9.  Hot Spots                                                 1          Per card for 7 days

         *Rated “M” games can only be checked out by individuals 17 or older and they must show valid ID for  checkout.

         *Note: A maximum of 2 video games can be checked out at any given time per card

Digital Downloads:


 Hoopla                                                 10 Per Customer Per Month

                            eBooks               21 Days

                           Comics               21 Days

                           Movies                 3 Days

                           TV Shows             3 Days

                           Music                   7 Days

                           AudioBooks      21 Days

CloudLibrary (All Formats)          10 at a time Per Customer for 21 days

Flipster Magazines                       Unlimited for 7 days


  3. A patron who has overdue materials charged to his/her library card may not check out additional materials until all overdue       materials are returned and any and all fines and fees are paid in full.

  4. Digital Downloads will be blocked automatically if fines are not paid or there are overdue items on file.

  5. Registered borrowers may not place more than five (5) items on HOLD at any given time.

  6. The HOLD must be checked out by the borrower within 7 days or it is returned to the system.

  7. Renewals: After registered borrowers’ original check out period they may renew items 1 time.

  8. Some branches may choose to limit the number of children’s books per patron during the Summer Reading Program.

  9. Branch Supervisor may override Branch limits at their own discretion on a case by case basis.



Test Prep Books

  1. Only one (1) test book per library card 

  2. Checkout is for 3 weeks (21 days) with 1 renewal (21 days)

  3. Library card must be in good standing with no overdue books or outstanding fines

  4. Deposit may only be paid in cash

  5. Book may be returned at any Lafourche branch or deposited into any library book drop
    a.    BUT to receive your money back you must return in person to the branch the book was borrowed from before time expires at 12 weeks from borrow date. If money is left past 12 weeks from date of checkout, the $10 becomes a donation to the Friends of the Library.
    b.    If book is not returned within 12 weeks from original check out date:

    1. the $10 deposit will be applied to the cost of the book and deposited into the system as a payment – at this time the money may not be returned to the customer.

    2. account will be blocked until paid in full

    3. cost of the book will be charged to the customer’s account

    4. the book will be marked long overdue

Overdue Fines

Lost, Unreturned, Damaged Items and Fines and Overdues

Lost and Unreturned Items

Borrowers are required to pay for items that are lost, unreturned, or damaged while charged to them. Patrons are required to pay for items they have damaged during in house use. 

If a patron does not pay for a lost, unreturned, or damaged item, his/her borrowing privileges will be suspended.

If a patron reports the loss of items, he/she may be allowed to continue looking for the item for an additional circulation period.  If it is still not returned after the extended period, patron must pay for item.  Payment cannot be returned if the lost item is found at a later date.

Costs of the lost/returned materials will be determined by current replacement costs. In lieu of the current replace cost, a new, exact item may be purchased to replace lost, unreturned, or damaged item.

Lost or Damaged ILL Straps= Replacement Fee $2.00

Lost or Damaged DVD & Video Game Sleeves (Large & Small) = First incident notes are marked on patron’s account. Second incident patron pays Replacement Fee $2.00

Lost or Damaged Playaway Accessories:

  • Playaway Orange Case = Replacement Fee $6.00

  • Launchpad Orange Case = Replacement Fee $13.00

  • Security Lock = Replacement Fee $1.00

  • Launchpad AC Power Adapter = Replacement Fee $10.00

  • Launchpad USB Cord = Replacement Fee $6.99


Damaged Items

Upon return of damage materials, the supervisor will determine the extent of the damage, i.e., whether it is suitable to be used by other patrons. If the item is considered damaged, the patron must pay replacement cost or replace exact item as stated above.

Fines and Overdues

Fines and overdue amounts are levied to ensure the prompt return of materials. Library service is free to all if borrowing privileges are not abused. Patrons with overdue materials may not check out any other items until overdue items are returned and fines are paid.

Fines on overdue materials are collected only for the days that the library is open.

  1. Books, serials, visual materials, vertical file materials, Audio CD’s, DVDs, Vox Books, and software:
    $.05/day per item (Maximum fine $1.00 per item)

  2. Equipment: headphones, Kodak Slide Projector, Polaroid Sun 660 Camera (Garcon), 3M Overhead Projector, Dukane Film Strip Projector, Intelliglobe Pen
    $1.00/day per item (Maximum fine $20.00)

  3. Electronic Reader(Nook GlowLight), Playaway, Speaker, Launchpad, Geo Safari, Video Games, View
    $1.00/day per item (Maximum fine $10.00)

  4. Laptops: 
    $10.00 per day (Maximum Fine $50.00)

  5. Hotspots:  $1 per day (Maximum Fine $72.00)

  6. E-resources are not subject to fines


The Library is not responsible for any damage to patrons’ personal audio/visual/equipment due to defective, damaged, or faulty materials.