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The Bird Box

Bird Box By Josh Malerman

​There's "something" out there. The news is reporting that when people see this "something," they go crazy, attacking and killing the people around them, and later themselves. People are barricading themselves indoors, covering their windows and checking, checking, checking to make sure their doors are locked. That knock on the door? Don't answer it, and if you do ... don't open your eyes.

Bird Box by Josh Malerman is the stuff of nightmares. The novel follows a young pregnant woman named Malorie as she grapples to survive in a world where opening your eyes may mean death. Bird Box opens on Malorie learning about some strange happenings in the world - her sister, Shannon, tells her that people are going mad when they gaze upon these "creatures." The thing is, no one knows what in the world these creatures are or what they look like because anyone who sees them commits suicide. As the threat gets closer and closer to home, Malorie and Shannon hide out, not daring to so much as peek outside. When Malorie finds Shannon dead, she assumes that the creatures are HERE and she must RUN. Malorie flees to a refuge that she saw in an advertisement. A nearby safe house ... there is safety in numbers, right? From here, we follow a closed-eyed Malorie as she attempts to reach this safe house without encountering any of the creatures. What happens next is utterly terrifying and will keep everyone guessing. If you think that living in a house with a group of blindfolded strangers, not knowing who you can trust, is scary, just wait until you discover what it takes to survive.

Bird Box is the perfect novel to pick if you're looking for a scary, psychological read. I very rarely rate a book 5 stars, but Bird Box takes the cake. This book is like nothing I have ever read before, and a thoroughly enjoyed the chills and thrills! I have read few novels that actually scare me, but Bird Box had me terrified for what was coming next. Plus, the story puts a whole new spin on the idea of a crumbling world – this isn’t your typical apocalyptic fiction. With rich, interesting, likable characters, and a fascinating storyline (and the creatures - let's not forget the CREATURES), Bird Box will have you completely engrossed. As a human study, it was also fascinating to learn about the impact the creatures have on the way humans must live now. Just overall, a really compelling novel ... I loved it!

Bird Box is available at our Lockport and Thibodaux branches, and is also available on CloudLibrary for all you e-readers! Bird Box can always be transferred to a branch near you for you reading pleasure (and terror!) - just inquire at the Customer Service Desk. Happy Reading!

THE VERDICT: A truly original read. This author has such voice and style. Well done.


GENRE: Apocalyptic Fiction; Horror

STORYLINE: Nonlinear

PACE: Leisurely-Paced

TONE: Disturbing; Suspenseful; Violent

WRITING STYLE: Compelling; Descriptive

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