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Laura's Pick: The Royal Governess by Wendy Holden

The Royal Governess by Wendy Holden is a look into the early years of then Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. Told from the perspective of their governess of 16 years. Although the story has been fictionalized for easier reading, the characters are all real.

Marion, known to her charges as Crawfie, spent 16 years teaching the girls the basic subjects as well as introducing them to what real life was like for the subjects in England. She took them on the subway, museums, and classrooms of other children their age. The book takes you through World War II, Wallis Simpson and the abdication, falling in love with Phillip, and Margaret’s jealousy of not being first. At the end of her tenure, Marion was approached by Ladies Home Journal to write a first-hand account of life with the Princesses. Marion goes to see the Queen about the possibility and the Queen lets her know that she should not do it. Her life with the girls should stay private and to write about them would make Princess Elizabeth lose confidence in others. Unfortunately, Marion’s husband pushed her to write the book, The Little Princess: The Story of the Queens Childhood. Marion was never contacted by the royal family again.

I enjoyed the overall story, it was rich in historical details. It also let you see into the private life of Marion, whom no one really knew anything about. The book was a bit of a slow read and I often had to put it down. I did enjoy seeing the inner workings of the royal family and a look into the many houses they call home.

Availability: eBook & eAudiobook in cloudLibrary Rating: *** Stars (I liked it)

Reviewer: Laura, Library Director

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