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What's Happening: March 2022

Comics as we know them have been around for nearly a century, and some beloved classics are still capturing readers’ attention. When I’m in the mood for it, I log on to Comics Plus on my phone or tablet. Besides the classic comics, the biography section is my favorite. From entertainers like Elvis, Liz Taylor, and Michael Jackson, to historical figures like Monet, Marco Polo, and Richard Nixon, there is something for everyone.

There are a few really great features to this App. Digital access for everyone is available on desktop, mobile, or tablet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for offline reading, with unlimited, simultaneous checkout. That means you never have to wait for the issue you want!

A broad range of categories are offered including action & adventure, adaptations, animals, art books, biography, business & economics, contemporary women, crime, dystopian, fantasy, fiction, gaming, historical fiction, history, horror, humor, literary, a wide variety of manga, memoir, movie & TV, mystery, nonfiction, reference, spirituality, romance, STEAM, school life, sci-fi, sports, steampunk & cyberpunk, superheroes, supernatural, techniques, thrillers, webcomics, western, and more.

All the comics are age rated so parents and guardians can confidently point their charges to titles they deem appropriate. Age ratings are periodically reviewed to ensure they align with age-appropriate guidelines. Ages rated are K-3/Ages 5-7 (Children), Gr 3-5/Ages 8-10 (Kids), Gr 6-8/Ages 11-14 (Teen), Gr 9-12/Ages 15-18 (Young Adult), and Ages 18+ (Adult). See Comics Plus Age-Appropriate Guidelines for details.

If you know a reluctant reader, you might get him interested in reading on Comics Plus. If you are a comic enthusiast or just want to see what’s out there in this format, you should take a moment to browse Comics Plus online. A library card and PIN are all that is needed to access literally hundreds of comics.

- Lynette, Programming Administrator

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