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Dione's Pick: Hidden by Laura Griffin

Laura Griffin writes books set in Texas featuring law enforcement characters. Hidden is the first in a new series called The Texas Murder Files. If Book One is anything to go by, this series is going to be truly impressive.

When an Austin jogger is found murdered, the local police think it was a robbery gone wrong. Investigative reporter, Bailey Rhoads smells a story. When she spies homicide detective Jacob Merritt investigating the crime scene, Bailey tries to interview him. He quickly shuts her down, but Bailey’s curiosity is peaked. Bailey’s investigation leads to a technology company that has a lot to lose if their secrets are revealed. Bailey is suddenly thrust into life and death situations with no one to trust. Jacob does his best to help her, but he is unsure of the real enemy. Bailey is a detriment to his career, but is Jacob willing to risk it all for love and justice?

I settled in for this thrilling mystery by one of my favorite authors, Laura Griffin. It was a page-turner for me. Griffin is an artist with her descriptive word use. I was transported to the heat of Austin, Texas searching for the answers right along with Bailey and Jacob. If you like fast paced mysteries, this book is a great choice.

Hidden is available at your library on CloudLibrary and Hoopla in eAudiobook formats. Happy Reading!

Availability: eAudiobook in cloudLibrary Rating: ***** Stars (I loved it)

Reviewer: Dione, Reference Librarian


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